NLX308 AR10 Billet Upper Receiver


NLX308 AR10 Billet Upper Receiver

If you’re looking for the best AR10 upper to start your build, then look no further than the NLX308 billet upper. Precision machined to exact tolerances, you won’t find a better platform for your AR10 rifle.  Available in left or right hand configuration. 


The NLX308 AR10 Billet Upper Receiver

Each NLX308 AR10 billet upper receiver starts with a solid USA Milled 7075 Aerospace Alloy Aluminum block. We cut to length on our Programmable CNC Marvel Saw.  After cutting, we perform lathe operations on live tooling Mazak Machines.  We then transfer machining to our New Haas SS mills with Touch probe Capabilities.  Once completed, we  hard coat anodize to mil-spec tolerances ensuring a durable finish.

Whether you hunt or want a great platform for precision shooting, the NLX308 billet receivers deliver a solid base for your rifle. 

*NOTE: Due to the introduction of our NLX308L Ambi billet lower receivers, we are phasing out our first generation NLX308 right hand uppers.  Our standard right hand Gen 1 uppers do not have the relief for the dual bolt catch design and can’t be used with the new ambidextrous lower.  We now offer two options for your NLX308 AR10 billet upper: Right hand Gen 2 or left hand upper.  Both uppers are backwards compatible with the previous lowers. Due to the dual bolt catch design, neither of the uppers use a dust cover.*

All of our NLX308 receivers are DPMS Gen1 pattern, the uppers are low profile (.150 tang).  Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding compatibility.  Our Lowers Use DPMS Pattern Magazines.