NLA Sig Barrel Adapter


NLA Sig Barrel Adapter- Ensure a secure installation of your muzzle device.

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We created the NLA Sig Barrel Adapter to complement our Sig 9mm Flash Hiders and Comps.  Ensure a tight fit of your muzzle device with the adapter.

Sig Sauer added a tapered end to their MPX and MCX barrels.  This prevents the crush washer from seating correctly when installing a standard muzzle device.  The taper can also prevent proper installation of a suppressor, which could create damage to your suppressor or a baffle strike.

Our NLA Sig Barrel Adapter fits on the end of the barrel (inner tapered end faces the barrel) providing a flat surface for the crush washer to properly function.  This eliminates the need for indexing and/or applying a thread lock product to hold the muzzle device in place.

*NOTE:  We include the adapter with our 9mm muzzle devices threaded for Sig barrels.