MPX Ambidextrous Charge Handle


The Next Level Ambi Charge Handle for MPX

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MPX Ambidextrous Charge Handle

The demand for a MPX Ambidextrous Charge handle was overwhelming.  You asked, we listened.  Based upon one of the industries best ambidextrous charge handle design that includes models for the AR15, AR10, and M&P 15-22, we delivered a smooth and rigid charge handle.   The MPX Ambi Charge was born.

NOTE: Sig modified their block design with the new PPC, but the charge handle kept the same specifications.  Although our MPX lifter block will work with the PPC, our block does not have the tab the new PPC block has, which results in a small void when installed.  Our  MPX Charge Handle will work with all MPX models.  Therefore we are offering the handle as a stand-alone product.