NLA Ambi Charge and Block kit for MPX



Take the industry’s best MPX Ambidextrous Charge handle, add our lifter block, and you just changed your Sig MPX rifle forever!

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MPX kit ambidextrous charge handle lifter block

The demand for a MPX Ambidextrous Charge handle was overwhelming.  You asked, we listened.  Based upon one of the industries best ambidextrous charge handle design that includes models for the AR15, AR10, M&P 15-22 and Sig MCX  , we delivered a smooth and rigid charge handle.   The MPX Ambi Charge was born.

Another issue MPX owners experienced was the slop of the factory charge handle.  When pulled back,  the charge handle flopped, often damaging the top of the receiver.  We created a new block with a lifter tab that holds the handle in place to replace the factory block.   We machine each block from solid steel and Nextride coat for durability.  The lifter block installs easily and holds the charge handle in place, creating a smoother and more solid feel to the handle.

Whether you shoot for competition or rely on your rifle for defense, this kit enhances the reliability of your rifle.