Extended Magazine Release


Billet Mag Release 

Make all the things billet, make every part more functional and more reliable…. These are some of our goals. And not even the lowly mag release button escaped our mad scientists. Slightly extended over mil-spec means a more reliable activation, and more clean mag drops on your next trip to the range. 

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Billet Extended Magazine Release
ar 15 extended mag release

An AR15 Mag Release… Only Better

Machined from 7075 Billet Aluminum and Nextride coated, extended overall length makes for easier magazine release and extra Diamond machining for max Grip. Fits both AR10/15 Platforms. The NLA mag release button does everything you want a mag release to do, but better.

Installation is a breeze, as you simply screw the release arm into the button until it won’t turn any more, and then back it out until it lines up with the release cut in the receiver. Nice and easy. But the real benefit to this button is the speed and consistency with which it releases the magazine from the rifle. 

The added length ensures proper mag drop, but the length is kept to the optimum so that this release won’t get caught on your sling or other gear.