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Exploring the Next Level Armament 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit for the AR-15

The AR-15 platform is renowned for its versatility and modularity, allowing for a wide range of customizations to suit various shooting needs. One of the most exciting developments in the AR-15 community is the introduction of conversion kits that enable the use of different calibers. The Next Level Armament (NLA) 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit is a standout in this category, offering a unique and efficient solution for converting your standard AR-15 into a 9mm carbine. This article explores the features, benefits, and performance of the NLA 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit.

What is the Next Level Armament 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit?

The NLA 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit is designed to transform a standard AR-15 lower receiver into a 9mm firearm. This conversion kit utilizes a radial delay blowback system, which is a significant departure from the traditional blowback operation commonly used in pistol-caliber carbines (PCCs). The radial delay system enhances reliability, reduces felt recoil, and provides a smoother shooting experience.

Key Features of the NLA 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit

1. **Radial Delay Blowback System**: Unlike direct blowback systems that rely solely on the mass of the bolt to delay opening, the radial delay blowback system uses angled locking surfaces that allow the bolt to rotate and delay its movement. This innovative mechanism results in a more controlled cycling process and less recoil.

2. **Enhanced Reliability**: The radial delay system reduces the stress on the bolt and other components, leading to increased reliability and durability. This system also mitigates issues like bolt bounce and ensures consistent ejection of spent casings.

3. **Reduced Recoil**: One of the most notable benefits of the radial delay blowback system is the significant reduction in felt recoil. This makes the NLA 9mm upper conversion kit ideal for rapid follow-up shots and extended shooting sessions.

4. **Compatibility**: The NLA 9mm upper conversion kit is compatible with standard AR-15 lower receivers. This means you can easily swap your existing upper receiver with the NLA 9mm upper, making it a cost-effective way to diversify your firearm collection.

5. **Quality Construction**: Next Level Armament is known for its high-quality manufacturing standards. The 9mm upper conversion kit is built with precision-machined components and premium materials to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability.

Benefits of Converting to 9mm

1. **Cost-Effective Shooting**: 9mm ammunition is generally more affordable than rifle calibers like .223 or 5.56, making it a cost-effective option for training, plinking, and competitive shooting.

2. **Versatility**: Converting your AR-15 to a 9mm platform allows you to use it in a variety of shooting scenarios, including home defense, competition, and recreational shooting.

3. **Reduced Noise and Recoil**: The 9mm round produces less noise and recoil compared to rifle calibers, making it more comfortable to shoot, especially for beginners or those sensitive to recoil.

4. **Increased Capacity**: Many 9mm magazines offer higher capacity compared to standard AR-15 magazines, providing more rounds before needing to reload.

Installation and Use

Installing the NLA 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit is straightforward. Simply remove your existing AR-15 upper receiver and replace it with the NLA 9mm upper. Then Drop in The Provided Converted Mag and Your Setup !

Shooters who have used the NLA 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit often praise its smooth operation and reliability. The reduced recoil and enhanced control provided by the radial delay system allow for quick and accurate follow-up shots. Users also appreciate the quality construction and attention to detail that NLA is known for.

The Next Level Armament 9mm Radial Delay Upper Conversion Kit is an excellent addition to any AR-15 enthusiast’s collection. Its innovative radial delay blowback system sets it apart from traditional blowback systems, offering enhanced reliability, reduced recoil, and a smoother shooting experience. Whether you’re looking to diversify your firearm capabilities or simply enjoy cost-effective and comfortable shooting, the NLA 9mm upper conversion kit is a top-tier choice.

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