Next Level Quality for the Sig MPX and MCX

We love creating the best AR accessories available today.  We also love to take a great product and make it even better, and the Sig MPX and MCX are perfect examples.  Whether you need the best ambidextrous charge handles available, want to solve the floppy handle issue on your MPX, or want to have a solid steel block for your MCX, Next Level has you covered.  Make a great platform even better with Next Level accessories!

MPX Charge and Block Kit

The demand for an MPX Ambidextrous Charge handle was overwhelming.  You asked, we listened.  Built around our proven design for our AR15, AR10, and M&P Ambidextrous Charge handles, we delivered a smooth and rigid charge handle.   The MPX Ambi Charge was born.

Another issue MPX owners experienced was the slop of the factory charge handle.  When pulled back,  the charge handle flopped, often damaging the top of the receiver.  We created a new block  with a lifter tab from billet steel to replace the factory part to hold the handle in place.   Fully machined from solid steel and Nextride coated, the lifter block is easy to install and holds the charge handle in place, creating a smoother and more solid feel to the handle.

MPX Lifter Block

The factory mating block allows the charge handle to drop, making charging your MPX sloppy and it can create damage to your receiver.  You asked for a solution, and we delivered.  Fully machined from solid block 4140PH steel and Nextride coated, our newly created MPX Lifter Block is easy to install and makes the MPX charge handle operate smoother and more rigid.

Charge and Spring Plate Kit MCX

After the success of the MPX Ambidextrous Charge Handle and Lifter Block, we were immediately asked “what about the MCX?”  You asked, we responded!  Based upon our proven design for the AR15, AR10, M&P 15-22, and the new MPX charge handles, the MCX Ambi Charge Handle was born.  

The MCX doesn’t need the lifter tab in the Spring Plate, but the original block is molded plastic.  You requested a replacement, we listened.  Manufactured from solid 4140PH steel and Nextride coated, the Spring Plate replaces the OEM molded plastic block for upgraded reliability and durability.  

Spring Plate for the MCX

Requested by customers to replace the molded plastic mating block from the factory, we created the MCX Spring Plate.  Fully machined from solid block 4140PH steel and Nextride coated, our newly created MCX Spring Plate is easy to install and ensures reliability for your rifle.