NLX-9 556 Speed Brake


Shoot Faster with a Speed Brake

Our speed brake is made from a single piece of stainless bar stock and precision machined to mitigate recoil without pushing gas and debris into your face. 

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The NLX-9 Speed Brake- Next Level Recoil Management

We went to work and developed the new Speed Brake at the request of our customers.  Machined from stainless steel raw stock and milled in our shop, the NLX-9 Speed Brake provides long lasting durability.  We designed the Speed Brake to mitigate muzzle rise and recoil without blowing gas back into your face.  Whether you hunt or shoot competition, you will notice the difference, especially with rapid follow-up shots.

Add the Speed Brake to one of the Next Level barrels for a great combination of accuracy and function.

Overall Length 2.5″