NLX 556 Bolt Carrier Group


Complete Premium Bolt Carrier Group

We use aerospace grade steel and precision machining to create the best Bolt Carrier Group for your AR15 build. We use only the best materials and practices like machined extractors and MPI Bolts to ensure that your Next Level Bolt Carrier will keep you shooting for years.  

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Nextride Coated AR15 Bolt Carrier Group
DLC Coated AR15 Bolt Carrier

The NLA AR15/M16 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group provides improved function and operation via several key improvements. The expanded rear of the carrier allows for smooth cycling in the buffer tube. Major internal parts are coated, including the firing pin, cam pin and extractor.

The extractor (machined from raw stock not cast) includes a black insert and o-ring for reliable extraction.

Gas key screws are hardened Grade 8 and are properly torqued & staked. Bolt is machined from SAE 4140ph high-grade steel. This material makes for an extremely hard surface with a tough, ductile core resistant to structural failure and providing a long service life.

Bolt is shot peened and MPI inspected. Carrier is machined from 4140ph steel to aerospace tolerances.

DLC Finish

The DLC coating gives excellent protection against abrasion, tribo-oxidation and adhesion (scuffing). The coating permits surface pressures that, under normal conditions, would lead at once to scuffing and cold welding. Friction losses are reduced to a minimum. The good corrosion resistance protects the substrate from destructive attack. The Rockwell hardness on the outside is double a Phosphate BCG.  Our most popular finish, DLC is easy to clean with a quick wipe down.  All major internal parts are treated, including the firing pin, cam pin and extractor.