NLX-11 450 Bushmaster Brake


The NLX-11 450 Bushmaster Brake – Tame the .450 Bushmaster

We designed the NLX-11 to mitigate muzzle rise and recoil.  The awesome stopping power of the .450 Bushmaster delivers heavy recoil in the AR15 platform.  Tame the beast with the best brake available! 


NLX-11 450 Bushmaster Brake

We precision machine each NLX-11 450 Bushmaster Brake from 4140 stainless steel raw stock and Nitride finish for a durable, long lasting part.  Specifically designed to reduce recoil and muzzle jump, the NLX-11 enables the operator  to achieve greater accuracy and deliver  better followup shots.  

Whether hunting hogs or hunting deer, your rifle needs the best brake in the industry.  Your shoulder will thank you!

Details:  2.5″ Long,  .88″ Diameter.  Available in two thread sizes:  11/16″x 24 tpi standard Bushmaster spec (compatible with the Ruger American Bushmaster rifle) and 5/8 x 32. 

*Installation notes: Due to the large diameter of the 11/16 x 24 450 Bushmaster barrel threads, the crush washer is relatively thin compared to traditional .308 and 5.56 crush washers.  We recommend hand tighten, then index using  no more than 1/3 turn.  If you over-tighten past 1/3 turn, you may snap the crush washer.  Due to different thread points between barrels, do not try to index simply by our logo.  We designed our brake to have a solid “ridge” up with port holes at 11 and 1 o’clock.*