NLX-7NS AR15 Comp / Flash Suppressor


NLX-7NS  AR15 Comp/Flash Suppressor

We worked hard to make the NLX-7NS “Heretic” AR15 Comp/Flash Suppressor the only muzzle device you need for your AR15.  Designed for great reductions in both recoil and rise and combined with exceptional flash hiding capabilities,  this helps you keep your shots on target while reducing flash.

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AR15 Comp / Flash Suppressor

NLX-7NS “Heretic” AR15 Comp / Flash suppressor

The NLX-7NS AR15 Comp / Flash Suppressor helps you get in the “rhythm” when you run your gun fast.  We designed the NLX-7NS to reduce muzzle rise and keep you on target.   The NLX-7NS rated among the best combination muzzle devices on the market.  The NLX-7 NS is another great product in our lineup of the best AR accessories on the market.  Whether you hunt or shoot for accuracy, we designed the NLX-7NS for you.

The NLX-7NS features single-piece construction from billet stainless steel machined on a live tooling lathe and finished up in the Haas Rotary. Each part is Nextride coated and laser engraved.