NLX 556 GFK Billet


The Perfect Starter Billet AR-15

With high quality parts top to bottom, Our Billet AR15 rifle leaves other starter AR’s in the dust. Our commitment to quality will keep you shooting our rifles for years to come. 


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NLX556 GFK Billet AR15 Rifle

Entry Level AR15 With Billet Quality

With each receiver made from a single piece of Aluminum, our Billet AR15 series rifles have a perfectly matched precision CNC’d receiver set ready to serve you for years and take your accuracy to the Next Level. 

You can pick from four different flash suppressor designs and have the option to add a Rise Armament single stage drop-in or a Geisselle 3-gun competition trigger.  You get a customized Billet AR15 rifle that carries a manufacturer’s guarantee against defects.

Whether you’re using it for sporting, hunting, or defense, the NLX556GFK Billet AR15 is a rifle that you can rely on. We manufacture every rifle with American made parts and materials.

Standard Equipment on the GFK: 

  • Barrel –  16 Inch NLA M4 Profile Barrel 1-8 twist .223 Wylde
  • Receiver Matched Next Level Arms Billet Set
  • Handguard – Next Level Armament 13″ MLOK Handguard
  • Trigger – Mil-Spec Standard Trigger
  • Grip – Mil-Spec Standard 
  • Stock – Magpul M.O.E. Buttstock
  • Magazine – Magpul P-Mag  30 round
  • BCG – Next Level DLC BCG