NLX 556 Bolt Carrier Group Nitride Coating


The NLX 556 Bolt Carrier Group – A Complete Premium BCG

Our NLX 556 Bolt Carrier Group uses aerospace grade steel and precision machining to create the best Bolt Carrier Group for your AR15 build. We use only the best materials and practices including machined extractors and MPI Bolts to ensure that your Next Level Bolt Carrier will keep you shooting for years.  

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NLX 556 Bolt Carrier Group- A Premium BCG for your rifle.

Whether you shoot for fun, hunting, or rely on your rifle for self defense, you want a reliable Bolt Carrier Group.  The Next Level AR15/M16 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group provides improved function and durability through several integrated improvements over other BCGs.

Next Level produces each carrier from 4140ph steel to aerospace tolerances.  The expanded rear diameter of the carrier allows for smooth cycling in the buffer tube.   We use machined extractors , not cast, and we include a black insert and o-ring during assembly for reliable extraction.

We machine each bolt from SAE 4140ph high-grade steel, then shot peen and MPI inspect.  This grade of steel combined with our nitride coating provides an extremely hard surface and a tough, ductile core resistant to structural failure and providing a long service life. During assembly we torque and stake hardened grade 8 gas key screws to mil-spec standards.