NLA / Blown Deadline Limited Edition AR15 Sets


Next Level Armament Receiver/Rail Limited Edition BDL set.  

Obtain of the industry’s best forged AR15 receiver sets and rail completed with a custom pattern created by Blown Deadline, one of the top cerakote specialists in the country! Only 10 of these limited edition sets made!

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Limited Edition Next Level sets:

What do you get when we combine our Next Level Elite forged receivers with our Next Level 13″ MLok rail and team up Blowndeadline to create limited edition sets?  Made in Michigan quality and some of the best looking sets on the market!    

  • NLA Elite forged lower receiver
  • NLA Elite forged upper receiver
  • NLA 13″ MLok rail
  • Limited Edition BDL custom cerakote

Complete set weighs 1 lb, 10.3 oz